Maths Games for Kids

What Are Maths Games for Kids?

As with all types of educational games, which provide extra motivation in the form of fun, maths games for kids are no different. The idea is simply to install a passion for maths on a computer or tablet, and in the form of a game. In fact, online games and maths are perfect for each other, because the mechanics of many fun games rely upon a strong mathematical element. 


This is especially the case with Novabods. That’s because our maths games were designed by education specialists and maths teachers, in order to make fun and learning go together. (We actually have a whole planet called Numa, which is dedicated to maths games for kids!) One example for our younger gamers is Counting Bugs, where children have to practise counting up to five simply by counting the bugs. 

The maths games in Novabods function in unique ways. Activity is timed, scores are counted and gems are earned in each game. Complete missions to be rewarded with gems. The better your child’s score, the higher their gem count, so it encourages them to keep playing. Once a mission’s over, your children can return to the Nova Rover where they can spend their well-deserved sparkly gems in the Asteroid Arcade, but they can always go back to improve their scores in order to collect more gems.


The maths games on Novabods also involve audio reinforcements, they’re interactive and there’s also PlayLive Addition, which features a leaderboard where kids can compete in a safe environment against other players. 

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What Are Addition Games & Subtraction Games?

There are different types of addition games and subtraction games available on Novabods that take unique approaches to aid different types of understanding. These have been developed in schools and are used by teachers to specifically target children’s different abilities.

Addition games and subtraction games are based around bright and engaging challenges, which empower children to master the basics. For example, the game, One, Two, Bee, involves adding and subtracting to the number 20 by counting bees. Mummy Sheep is a game that has a very similar style, where mummy sheep attempts to find her baby sheep. Another addition game such as Spin a Ring encourages children to work out addition totals by throwing numbered rings onto cacti.


Each of these games reinforce the learning of addition and subtraction by providing different scenarios, with engaging learning aids, in order to help children grasp the basics.

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However, Novabods isn’t just about grasping the basics of addition and subtraction. The games cover plenty more elements of maths such as learning to tell the time using analogue clocks, for example in Tick Tock, to mastering simple multiplication by helping Sten and Manu refuel in space in Moon Mission.


Kids can also understand and identify 2D shapes in games such as Nine Lives, and even order and compare objects by length in Classy Objects.


In fact, there are lots of games to help children have fun with many styles of maths challenges, so check it out!

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