Literacy Games for Kids

What Are Literacy Games?

Literacy games are excellent, fun ways of encouraging kids to learn the basics of the English language. As with all types of educational games, which provide extra learning motivation in the form of entertaining games, these games for kids are no different. 

The idea is simply to encourage a passion for literacy on a computer or tablet, and in the form of a game based around letters, words or sentences. There’s a long tradition of English-based word games, and it’s become even easier in the online world to create new, innovative styles of learning with games. 

This is especially the case with Novabods. Our literacy games for kids were designed by education specialists and teachers, in order to make fun and learning go together. The literacy games are designed in innovative ways, and come with helpful enhancements like audio reinforcement, so that all children have the opportunity to have fun and progress. 

Literacy games on Novabods look at many different aspects of children’s developmental needs, such as phonics, improving their reading, understanding the context of words, and things like rhyming words and syllables. 



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Phonics Games

Instead of using traditional methods of getting to grips with literacy, such as alphabet games, Novabods makes use of phonics games. As Novabods was designed by educational experts, phonics is a key aspect of the games. 

In Toy Box, children have to listen and match high frequency and tricky words to their written form, while Bongo Beat uses phonemes of CVC (consonant, vowel and consonant) words, where kids have to listen and identify the initial phoneme, and complete three letter words with their initial sounds. 

What Are Spelling Games?

Spelling games are designed to help improve children’s abilities in spelling and grammar. In Novabods, the theme with CVC words continues in several formats. Examples include D.I.S.C.O., where children need to write phase 2 CVC words by breaking up the words into their individual sounds and identifying the corresponding sounds. Other games, such as Slam Dunk, encourage the spelling of high-frequency words by using basketballs and basketball shirts. 

Our literacy games for kids also cover areas such as punctuation, where children are required to punctuate simple sentences, as well as learn how to build sentences correctly by reading the text on the screen or even making use of the audio assistance.


Literacy games in Novabods also explore pieces of writing, such as in Seaside Stories, where kids have to answer questions about which illustrations would be best suited to a passage.

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