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What Are Educational Games for Kids?

Online educational games are fun activities based on computers, tablets or mobile devices, that enable kids to not only enjoy themselves, but learn something during the process. Providing a motivational element to learning a subject, such as maths or English, these educational computer games encourage passion for a subject and help to develop more interest. They make education fun, and the best bit is that kids won’t even realise that they’re learning – the idea is that children are simply entertained and challenged educationally. These games are especially useful for kids who find traditional learning to be a chore.

The very first computer games – in the way that we know them today – really began to thrive in the 1980s. Evolving from simple back-and-forth games like ‘Pong’, the world saw a rise in interactive narratives such as ‘The Hobbit’ game in 1984, which encouraged users to think in response to questions. With the rise of the Internet, educational games played by kids, like all computer games, moved from being loaded on disk or cassette to being played entirely online, and later on devices such as tablets or mobiles.


Fast-forward three decades and games, particularly educational games, have become increasingly sophisticated. They’re able to assist children from all backgrounds and of all abilities to learn in a fun, safe and engaging environment, as well as take advantage of the usual joys of playing a computer game.

Today educational games like Novabods are very different to many other video games, in that they’re designed by specialists to benefit kids’ learning across different subjects. Neither are they straightforward lessons, because the emphasis is on the fun part.


Novabods has been designed with educationalists and trained teachers to provide the best online game experience for the development of children between the ages of 5-7. The educational game is meant to be fun and engaging, but also encourages a positive mind-set to learning. For example, children complete their missions in the Numa and Alpha planets in order to earn sparkly gems, which will enable them to play games in the Asteroid Arcade. Kids have to succeed at these individual learning-based challenges to be able to get those elements that will enable them to unlock more purely entertainment-based elements. They have to learn to earn.


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Novabods has been designed by the makers of EducationCity, a multi-award-winning resource used in schools across the world. It’s designed with fun, learning and safety in mind. So you can be assured that your child will be playing the best educational games out there. 

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How Do Kids’ Online Games Help Development?

Online games can help children learn a variety of different skills across a range of different subjects. Due to the flexibility of the format, games can be presented in many different ways to engage and delight children, whilst helping with their development needs. 

There are added benefits to using computers to play games which have been identified by scientists over the years. These include aiding children with hand-eye co-ordination, helping build problem-solving skills and resource management, and helping to visualise images. And of course, with educational games, there are the added benefits of directly engaging with important subjects such as literacy and numeracy.


With Novabods specifically, games such as D.I.S.C.O. focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG). Others such as Moon Mission work on addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, as well as measures and geometry. 

Although not all educational games cater for different levels of abilities, Novabods does come with that flexibility. For example, the Song Studio, which has a number of nursery sing-along songs, can benefit younger learners with songs such as Going to Sea, Ten Brown Owls and Five Currant Buns.


As all Novabods games have been created by educationalists and trained teachers, the game helps with development out of school hours as activities can address essential skills. And because there’s plenty of experience behind Novabods, there are other benefits such as online safety, which you can read more about on our About page. 

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